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This tweet from Errol Webber brings me to this article. At Reuters, James Oliphant wrote his analysis of why Kamala Harris might prove to be an elusive target for Donald Trump – because of the effect his attacks might have on female voters.Oliphant says that within minutes of the announcement, Trump branded Harris as “bad,” “horrible” and “disrespectful” as her campaign portrayed her as an extremist who would pull moderate Biden to the left. But there is little evidence that the public considers Harris a radical.

In fact, he says, she is liked more by Republicans than by Biden, according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted on August 10 and 11. The poll showed that 21% of registered Republican voters had a favorable impression of Harris, compared with 13% who had an equally favorable opinion of Biden..

More worrying for Trump: Attacks that might sound sexist or racist against the first black woman on a major party ticket in U.S. history could complicate her campaign’s efforts to bolster her position among suburban women, a critical voting block he must win back to be re-elected.

“If he wants to use misogynistic tropes against Kamala Harris, I think it’s very difficult for him,” said Neera Tanden, one of Clinton’s top aides during his presidential run. “There is no room for error with suburban women.”

According to the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll, Biden had a 10 percentage point advantage among women and a 6 point lead among those who live in the suburbs. Overall, Biden leads Trump by 11 points, less than three months before the November 3 vote.

Sarah Longwell, a Republican pollster, said Trump’s advisers would likely want the president, known for his fiery and explosive rhetoric against his political rivals, to be more careful when it comes to attacking Harris unless they have reason to believe that women in the suburbs distrust or dislike her.

“But there is no evidence yet that they don’t like or distrust her,” Longwell said. “Actually, I guess she’ll play pretty well with suburban women.”


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