US passes 5 million Covid cases as Pelosi calls Trump’s relief order unconstitutional Donald Trump


On Sunday, the United States crossed the grim threshold of 5 million coronavirus cases, as recriminations soared in Washington over the deadlock in talks and actions to provide more humanitarian aid.

The United States has by far the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, crossing the five million threshold according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. data tracker, with the pandemic far from under control, according to repeated warnings in recent days and weeks by top federal public health experts.

Brazil, the country with the second highest number of cases, has just over 3 million in total and has just passed 100,000 deaths. India, with the third highest number of cases, has registered just over 2.1 million, although it is surpassed by the United Kingdom and Mexico in terms of the death toll in the pandemic so far. ‘now.

New Zealand, meanwhile, went 100 days without local transmission.

The United States also has the highest number of deaths from the virus in the world. Johns Hopkins has the number 162,000, although others who maintain databases throughout the outbreak have the higher number.

On Sunday morning, House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat of California, endorsed Republican Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse, who tweeted that Donald Trump’s announcement on Saturday of unilateral economic relief measures amounts to an “unconstitutional reduction”.

Pelosi added that she believed the president’s proposals were “absurdly unconstitutional”.

The president’s main measures included reducing the increase in the federal unemployment benefit from $ 600 per week to $ 400 – of which $ 100 is expected to be provided by the states themselves, through a new system – a proposal to expand eviction protections and a tax cut proposal that would require the cooperation of American employers.

Trump held press conferences Friday night and Saturday afternoon at his luxury golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, with members of the club invited into the ornate ballroom to hear what amounted to a mix of elections and proposed measures which are contested as legally questionable and largely provisional on other measures taken.

White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CNN on Sunday that the money had already been allocated by the federal government, which would allow states to contribute the $ 100 per person of the new $ 400 per week offered. by the White House, with some 30 million Americans newly unemployed since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US economy.

He admitted: “There are still a lot of difficulties there. There is a lot of grief. “

Pelosi said what the president is proposing “is not achievable”.

Pelosi said: “What [Kudlow] said really shows the weakness and leanness of what the president has proposed. First of all, he says the states have the money. No, they don’t, they have expenses related to the coronavirus. They lost income, because of that they are laying off health workers, first responders, teachers, sanitation workers, transport workers because they don’t have the money.

She added, “Something is wrong. Either the President doesn’t know what he’s talking about – clearly his staff don’t know what he’s talking about – or there is something wrong here to meet the needs of the American people right now.

Peter Navarro, the president’s business adviser, defended Trump on NBC’s Meet the Press, while taking a personal bias on Pelosi.

“It doesn’t help when President Pelosi comes out… with her scarves flying and beating us to hell,” he said.

Host Chuck Todd asked why, as the coronavirus pandemic raged along with the economic crisis, was Trump at his golf club all weekend?

Navarro simply said that Trump was “the hardest working president in history.”

Trump visited the golf clubs he owns in Virginia, New Jersey and Florida on several occasions during the pandemic.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told ABC news conferences in New Jersey that club members attended on Sunday: “The event at the country club is exactly what Trump is doing: a great show, but it does nothing. If Americans look at these decrees, they will see that they are nowhere near getting the job done.


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