US Open 2020: Male Seed Reports, Upset Specials, Predictions & More


There will be no fans, no trips to Manhattan (on pain of default), daily tests, a bubble that wraps it all… and another Major – played on clay – a few weeks later.Yes, this is the US Open 2020. Despite the lack of data points and predictive results, we say it for sure: Novak Djokovic is your favorite to win the men’s title. Other? In this sui generis year, the US Open is just that. Open. To the extreme. Herewith the seeds of your men… ..

1. Novak Djokovic: Your prohibitive favorite. Unbeaten for the year and now entering a major that Federer and Nadal lack. (It’s not clear that a faster court surface works to its detriment.) A tough offseason for Djokovic in the PR department. He can grab some goodwill by adding to his major loot.


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