US Department of State lifts international travel advisory warning Americans to travel abroad


The U.S. State Department has lifted its international travel advisory advising Americans against travel during the coronavirus pandemic, saying it will now review countries on a case-by-case basis.

In March, the department implemented an international travel advisory for the first time as the coronavirus ravaged parts of Europe and China. It was then announced in a statement Thursday that the department would lift the advisory – which has remained on the highest alert level at Level 4 since March 19 – in conjunction with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“As health and safety conditions improve in some countries and potentially deteriorate in others, the Ministry is reverting to its old system of country-specific levels of travel advice … to provide travelers with information detailed and actionable to make informed travel decisions, ”the release said.

He added that the State Department would resume issuing travel advisories – from Level 1 to Level 4 – to specific countries based on individual conditions. All information on countries subject to travel advisories is publicly available at

“It will also provide US citizens with more detailed information on the current situation in each country,” the statement continued. “We continue to recommend that US citizens exercise caution when traveling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.”

The State Department issued its “do not travel” warning on March 19, just three days after issuing a Level 3 warning against most travel.

The reduction in this travel advisory comes as more countries now experiment with aviation and tourism to spark an increase in their own economy. But that doesn’t mean people can go where they want to go now.

The European Union has banned American travelers from July 1 as coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket in America. The United States dominates the world in cases, over 4.8 million, and deaths, over 159,000. In addition, the Canada-United States border remains closed to travelers, unless they are members. of their immediate family.

The Bahamas even initially announced it would ban Americans from travel before deciding in mid-July that people would be required to self-quarantine for 14 days when they travel there.

By comparison, the United States issued its own travel bans on people traveling from China, Europe, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Brazil during the pandemic.

The CDC has its own list of countries to recommend that travel be restricted amid the pandemic. Only 20 countries are listed as having low or no risk to travel, such as New Zealand, Taiwan, Fiji and Thailand.


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