US Department of State lifts Global Do Not Travel Notice


The department released the Level 4 Advisory: Do Not Travel – the highest level of travel advisory – on March 19, urging U.S. citizens not to travel overseas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Level 4: Do not travel advisory put into effect in March advised “U.S. citizens to avoid international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19” and urged Americans “to countries where Commercial departure options remain available “to” arrange to immediately return to the United States, unless they are willing to stay abroad indefinitely. ”

As commercial flight options faded and borders were closed to combat the spread of the virus, the department embarked on an unprecedented repatriation effort to bring Americans home. Between January 27 and June 10, they coordinated the repatriation of 101,386 Americans on 1,140 flights from 136 countries and territories.

Although the diplomatic agency’s guidelines have been lifted, American travelers continue to face travel restrictions in countries around the world due to the increase in cases of the fatal disease in the United States.

The European Union has blocked entry for American tourists and the United Kingdom is forcing American travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days.

There are restrictions on non-essential travel between the United States and its northern and southern neighbors – Canada and Mexico – until at least the end of August.

CORRECTION: This story has been corrected to state that travelers from the United States are required to self-quarantine upon entering the United Kingdom.


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