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California Department of Public Health chief resigned Sunday evening, reports the Associated Press, just days after the state announced a fix for an issue that has caused a delay in collecting information on coronavirus testing that is used to make decisions about reopening businesses and schools.Dr Sonia Angell said she was stepping down from her role as director and public health officer of the California Department of Public Health in a letter to staff from the California Health and Human Services Agency. Angell did not give a specific reason for his departure.

Angel’s announcement comes after California Health and Human Services secretary Dr Mark Ghaly said the issue had resulted in a backlog of 300,000 registrations, although not all of them are coronavirus cases and some could be duplicates. The issue affected the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange, also known as CalREDIE.

“I am grateful to Dr. Angell for his service to the people of California,” Ghaly said in a statement Sunday night. “His leadership was instrumental in that Californians once flattened the curve and set us on the path to doing it again.

Sandra shewry, vice president of external engagement for the California Health Care Foundation, will fill the role of interim health director, the health and human services department said. Dr Erica Pan, who was recently appointed state epidemiologist, will be the interim public health official.

California has had more than 563,000 cases of the coronavirus. If this were a county, it would be the sixth most affected country in the world, with only the United States as a whole, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa having more.


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