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More confusing on the front of “lawmakers tested positive for the coronavirus”, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has now tested negative for Covid-19, having already tested positive early Thursday before meeting Donald Trump.According to a statement from his office, his wife, Fran DeWine, has also tested negative, as have staff members. They underwent a different kind of test in Columbus; a test considered more accurate than the rapid-result test which showed DeWine was positive for Covid-19 just before the scheduled meeting with the president in Cleveland, the Associated Press reports.

The conflicting results highlight the problems with both types of tests. Many people in the United States cannot get lab results on the most accurate version for weeks, rather than the few hours it took the governor to find out. The governor and the first lady plan to have another test on Saturday.

DeWine, one of the early supporters among Republicans of wearing masks and taking other pandemic precautions, said he had passed a test organized by the White House in Cleveland as part of a standard protocol before meeting Trump at an airport. He had planned to join the chairman when he visited the Whirlpool Corp. factory. in Northwestern Ohio.

Instead, he received the news that he had tested positive, called his wife, and returned to central Ohio where he had the other test which showed he was negative.

The positive result of the first test was “a big surprise to our family,” DeWine said in a late-afternoon press conference broadcast from his porch on his farm in Cedarville in southwestern Ireland. ‘Ohio, where he planned to quarantine for 14 days.

Dewine, 73, said he did not know how he would have contracted the coronavirus and that he is already spending much of his time on his farm, keeping his distance from family members and staff.

DeWine said he was feeling fine without any symptoms and had previously received “nasty texts” from people saying the news proved wearing a mask is unnecessary.

“The lesson that should come out of this is that we are all human, this virus is everywhere, this virus is very resistant,” DeWine said before getting the negative result. “And yes, you can get it even when you’re very, very careful and even when you’re wearing a mask.”

But, said the governor, “the chances are much better” of avoiding a positive test if people wear a mask.


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