US adjusts intelligence assessment on China’s role in Covid-19 outbreak


Mr Chuang recounted an extraordinary and tense meeting of local, regional and Beijing officials with experts from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao on January 13, where the top official eagerly intervened to prevent his colleagues in Wuhan from denying the human-to-human transmission.“Initially… the chairman of the meeting tried to deny human-to-human transmission, but eventually the person from the central government health authority said, ‘Why are you giving an old conclusion? Now the conclusion is that limited human transmission cannot be ruled out, ”Mr. Chuang said.

Vital admission was based in part on a family group where a husband was infected at the city’s Huanan seafood market and his wife, who had never been to the market, also contracted the virus.

Mr. Chuang described a lack of alarm among the officials, who wore no masks, and offered him a leisurely city tour, which also suggests a lack of awareness or denial of the scale of the impending disaster. .

However, the main information he managed to glean was enough for Taiwan to immediately trigger a pandemic contingency plan that has so far kept Covid-19 cases below 500, with just seven deaths. .

Yesterday, The New York Times cited Mr Chuang’s interview with The Telegraph as one of the many pieces of evidence that prompted Washington to reassess how the current global crisis began.


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