University of East Carolina big party closing: campus police


A party with around 400 people was closed at the University of East Carolina on its opening weekend, according to university police. The large rally was one of at least 20 parties closed for violating state coronavirus orders banning large gatherings, Lt. Chris Sutton, chief of the University Police Department, told McClatchy News.

Sutton said most of the parties were held Aug.6-9. Students began arriving at university residences on August 5, before classes began on Monday, according to a university statement.

“It’s a tough time for everyone,” Sutton told McClatchy. “We have really had to change policing methods over the past few weeks due to different events in our country and now we have to fight a pandemic since our students returned to campus.

In addition to the parts that were closed, 80 alcohol violations in college dorms were reported to police by campus housing authorities, the newspaper reported. The university police chief said these were likely alcohol-related offenses involving minors and did not involve law enforcement.

He said the number of parties and alcohol violations were “reasonable” and “manageable” compared to opening weekends spent at the university.

“A (gathering of almost 400 people) over a four-day period and everything else is between 25 and 50 – so now for our fight against COVID and keeping the numbers low, I call it a victory,” he says. McClatchy.

The school has reported 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus among students and two among employees. Cases do not include people who may have confirmed cases but have not reported on campus in the past 14 days or people who self-quarantine without a confirmed diagnosis.


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