United States: House Democrats subpoena Pompeo over documents on Hunter Biden | News


The Democratic chairman of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs has issued a subpoena to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to demand documents he provided to Senate Republicans investigating the Democratic candidate’s son for Presidential Joe Biden.

A Republican-led Senate committee has gathered information on Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president who is set to become Republican President Donald Trump’s opponent in the November election.

Committee chairman Eliot Engel said on Friday he had issued the subpoena in an investigation into “Pompeo’s apparent use of State Department resources to advance a political disparagement of former Vice President Joe Biden ”.

The summons also requests emails from the internal department about the response to Congress.

The committee said Pompeo handed over 16,000 pages of documents to the Senate but refused to send the same documents to the Democratic-led House.

“I want to see the full account of what the department sent to the Senate and I want the American people to see it too,” House committee chairman Rep. Eliot Engel said in a statement.

The youngest Biden is a former board member of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which was placed in the global spotlight last year during a House impeachment inquiry to determine whether Trump pressured unduly on the Ukrainian leader to open an investigation into the Bidens.

Trump made the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a July 2019 phone call that was later exposed by a whistleblower complaint.

The House impeached Trump in December for pressuring the Ukrainian government to announce an investigation while denying military aid to the country. The Senate acquitted him in February.

There is no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Bidens, and Hunter Biden has denied using his influence with his father to help Burisma.

Democrats criticized Senate Republicans for continuing to investigate the allegations against Biden, saying it amplified Russian propaganda.

Foreign interference

Democratic House and Senate leaders sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray last month, expressing concern that Congress appears to be the target of a “campaign of concerted foreign interference to influence the 2020 presidential election, which seeks to whitewash and amplify disinformation in order to influence the activity of Congress, public debate and the November presidential election.

The letter, which did not specifically mention the Hunter Biden investigation but included a classified addendum that allegedly did, asked Wray for a classified briefing for all members on possible targeting of Congress before the August recess.

Wray has not yet offered the requested briefing, but lawmakers received a classified briefing early Friday on general election security. Leaving the meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was concerned “the American people should be better informed.”

The Democrats’ new efforts come as the country’s intelligence agencies, Congressional intelligence committees and Joe Biden have all warned of further electoral interference from Russia this year. Trump himself has been reluctant to discuss the topic or acknowledge that Russia tried to sow discord in the 2016 contest by hacking Democratic accounts and spreading inflammatory content on social media.

Still, his administration warned that Russia and other countries would likely try again.

In a statement last week, William Evanina, the government’s counterintelligence officer, said adversaries such as China, Russia and Iran were seeking to compromise U.S. private communications and infrastructure in campaigns. He also warned of disinformation campaigns on social media.


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