“Unfit to play”: Micheal Ferland leaves Canucks bubble


The bruised Canucks winger has been arrested for the third time in the 2019-20 season.

Vancouver Canucks winger Micheal Ferland is out of action and returned to his off-season home in Brandon from Edmonton, where the Canucks are tied 1-1 in their Cup qualifying round series Stanley versus the Minnesota Wild.

Ferland will be reassessed after the qualifying round, the NHL team confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s unclear what Ferland’s injury is – league policy only allows players to be deemed ‘unfit to play’ – but early instincts suggest it could be linked to his previous concussion symptoms, which forced them to leave the roster at the end of October, then to end. two attempts to return to action in December and again in February.

Ferland has previously said his symptoms are affecting his vestibular system, causing him to have difficulty seeing and balancing. He compared the feelings, which arise when having to follow several moving objects or people with his eyes, to feeling drunk.

“It was never the contact part, it was more the speed and the bodies and having to do high speed games that I was having trouble with,” he said last month after being came to training camp without any symptoms.

He said he had no problems away from the ice. Two months of rest at home with his family, forced by the end of the pandemic, seemed to have made it clear, he said.

And after skating in scrum in this summer’s training camp, Ferland has been declared ready to play again. He skated on a line with Adam Gaudette and Antoine Roussel in the first game and appeared to have no problem, although he did fight early in the game.

Micheal Ferland faced Marcus Foligno in a first period fight on Sunday.

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But he left Tuesday’s game against the Minnesota Wild after the first period. There does not appear to have been a specific incident that could have caused a problem. The team did not comment on its status at the time.

Asked for a comment, Canucks general manager Jim Benning cited the NHL Players Association and its agreement on injury nondisclosure and “unfit for play” language that is part of the plan to return to the game. league game.

“They (NHLPA) did the verbiage and he (Ferland) left the bubble, but I can’t comment,” Benning said. “I’m always ready to share what I know, but as part of the deal with this tournament, I can’t comment on injuries. And I think it goes through the postseason and after that we can talk about it and we will probably know more.

Several sources have indicated that Ferland’s contract is uninsured, but the Canucks declined to comment, citing confidentiality.

There is a league-wide insurance provider, which covers a number of contracts per team. Usually, the insurer says yes, unless the player has serious pre-existing conditions, which could mean that the insurer will refuse to cover only part or perhaps none of the contract.

Insurance claims can only be made at the end of the season.

In terms of the salary cap, if Ferland is unable to play, his contract may be moved to the long-term injury reserve list, relieving the team cap. But they still have to pay the contract, insured or not.

Ferland’s contract has three years to go, at $ 3.5 million per season.

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