UK urges France for ‘tougher action’ against Channel migrants, World News


Britain on Saturday called on France to be tougher to prevent migrants from using the Channel to reach the UK, with a minister saying the crossings were “too high”.The call came after figures from border forces showed 96 migrants were intercepted by police on Friday.

Twenty-four hours earlier, official figures showed that at least 202 migrants had made it to Britain on board 20 boats, a record in a single day.

“The number of illegal small boat crossings we are seeing from France is unacceptable,” said Immigration Compliance Minister Chris Philp.

“And migrants continue to arrive in Calais to make the crossing. The French must act harder. ”

Earlier this month, the interior ministers of France and Britain signed an agreement to create a new joint police intelligence unit to tackle migrant smugglers and reduce the number of illegal crossings of the Channel.

Reports say more than 3,400 people have made the crossing so far this year.

In 2019, 2,758 migrants were rescued by French and British authorities as they attempted to make the crossing, four times more than in 2018, according to French officials.


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