UK Insurer Offers Coverage To European Countries On Travel Quarantine List | Money


A major insurer has started offering travel insurance to customers willing to ignore Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice against “near essential” travel to destinations like France and Spain.Staysure said it has updated its single trip and annual travel policies to offer medical claims unrelated to the coronavirus to European destinations the government has advised against vacationing.

The move is something of an industry first. So far, travelers ignoring FCO advice have been told their insurance will be null and void if they still choose to travel.

Despite this, thousands of vacationers have traveled to Spain and more recently to France, often to see family stranded abroad, or simply to take a vacation.

They should still be quarantined for 14 days upon their return to the UK.

Staysure’s latest policies do not cover coronavirus-related medical claims in affected countries, the insurer said.

However, travelers in Spain, France, the Netherlands and other European countries on the FCO list would be covered for normal vacation-related claims, such as a car accident, or theft.

Ryan Howsam, Managing Director of Staysure, said: “In an environment of ever-changing travel advice and widespread uncertainty, we have been working hard to bring this new coverage to market as quickly as possible.

“We know that, for a multitude of reasons, people choose to travel to European destinations even though FCO advice advises otherwise. In doing so, they are exposed to additional risks, as they are no longer insured against other contingencies.

“While we can’t stop people from choosing to travel, we can help them make smart choices and protect themselves and their families as much as possible in these difficult times.”

Howsam said that if the FCO changes its advice on a destination once a traveler has arrived, Staysure will pay the policyholder up to £ 1,000 for the additional accommodation and travel costs incurred, if he has to. repatriate or return to the UK earlier than planned.

Vacationers have faced an intermittent summer as the government has advised against all travel, lifted restrictions, only to impose them again.

Travel insurers have rewritten their policies in an attempt to keep pace with developments. Many people in the UK have given up on going abroad this summer and are finding themselves in UK campsites for the first time.


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