UK, Germany and France punch US face, and US deserves it: Global Times editorial


Illustration: Liu Rui / GT

The UK, France and Germany issued a joint statement on Thursday, rejecting the US plan to trigger the reimposition of sanctions against Iran. This is the most resolute time for the United States’ major European allies since the 2003 Iraq war to collectively say ‘no’ to the United States, which has further isolated the United States on the issue of Iran. The United Nations arms embargo against Iran will expire on October 18. The United States asked for a renewal of the embargo last week at the UN Security Council, but only got Dominica’s support. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday notified the UN that the United States is triggering the recovery mechanism included in UN Security Council Resolution 2231. The joint statement by the UK, France and Germany is a slap in the face of the US.

The United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018. Apparently, it does not have the legal right to trigger the resumption. Her snapback request is like one who still wants the right to vote after taking her shares off the board. The United States is acting like a gangster, putting itself in the position of having superpowers. Many Western media say that the goal of the United States is to isolate Iran, but Washington is isolating itself. He has gone too far, seeing his own interests and goals as what the whole world must support. He pushes to legitimize “America first” and suppresses anyone who does not obey him.

Iran is geographically close to Europe, and the stability of the country is of vital importance to Europe. After the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, European companies flocked to Iran. The Trump administration’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal not only threatened the security of Europe, but also undermined its economic interests. We can expect discontent and even anger from these European countries.

Washington’s unilateralism is growing. It’s fair to say that the current US administration has lost its mind. It is forcing European countries to choose sides between China and the United States and forcing them to abandon the Nord Stream 2 natural gas project with Russia. Washington seems to believe that his strength has made him omnipotent and that he can crush the will of any other country, causing them to bow to American order.

In fact, the United States now has its weakest capacity for strategic control but the most arrogant government that promotes aggressive policies in the world. Given the American coercion, it is inevitable that Washington will encounter strong resistance. The UK, France and Germany “humiliated” the US this time around. Washington deserves it.

The Trump administration has gained almost nothing from its policy of pressuring others. He was only embarrassed by the nuclear issue of North Korea, witnessed his isolation from the issue of Iran and the failure of Venezuela. Pompeo begs around the world to form an anti-China alliance. If the United States is really powerful, it should have settled everything with a phone call. But he is unable to do so.

The United States is an arrogant but pathetic and greedy superpower. Previously, it had ample strategic resources, but the pursuit of unrealistic goals caused a strategic deficit and isolated it.

Washington must remember: it can neither sanction nor control the world. If he arrogantly punishes the world, he will only hurt himself. The rejection of the UK, France and Germany has sounded the alarm. If Washington stubbornly continues on its way, it will have to swallow more bitter fruit.


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