UFC Vegas 6 results: Chris Weidman rallies, fights Omari Akhmedov for decisive victory


Omari Akhmedov and Chris Weidman faced off in a middleweight bout tonight (Saturday, August 8, 2020) at UFC Vegas 6 at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a competitive fight, solid top-level control won Weidman’s decision.

Weidman shot for a simple first step, but it was pissed. He drove into the clinch moments later, but again Akhmedov pushed him back. Akhmedov kicked the calf. A third withdrawal from Weidman is plush. Weidman stuck a jab and landed a left hook. Akhmedov tore a pair of shots. Akhmedov connected on a good right hand, then Weidman stuffed a bad Dagestani out attempt. Weidman grabbed only one leg and tripped his enemy over the mat. Akhmedov came up and was brought back down. Weidman triangulated his legs and then pulled his enemy from the fence. Weidman finished the round with a few decent elbows.

Akhmedov’s right hand looked at the chin. Akhmedov landed a big left hook and then threw Weidman on the mat with a double leg along the fence. Weidman turned and stood up, taking a few punches in the process. Back in the center, the two men look a little tired. Weidman almost landed just one leg. The two blows exchanged. Akhmedov stuffed another pullout attempt along the fence. Akhmedov landed wide swings. A heavy blow landed for Akhmedov, followed by a hook to the body. Akhmedov supported his opponent, continued to aim for the midsection. Akhmedov passed his opponent and landed in half guard. Weidman got back to his feet, but Akhmedov continued to land. A third and fourth withdrawal briefly landed for Akhmedov, although he did nothing with either.

Weidman came out aggressive in the third, but his first single leg was stuffed. Akhmedov landed a knee, but Weidman’s second shot was successful. Akhmedov returned quickly. Weidman took the back and attacked a banana slit! Akhmedov was not bothered, but Weidman moved into the mount and attacked the triangle with his arm! The Dagestani escaped, but he was still on horseback. Akhmedov was completely stuck on the bottom. Weidman returned to the arm triangle, but he mainly used it to keep his opponent down. With 30 seconds to go, Weidman actually started trying to elbows and he bloodied his foe.

Weidman didn’t really set the world on fire – both men were tired early on – but he did win! Given his recent losing streak and coming back to middleweight, any win is good.

Maybe Weidman can build from this?

Result: Chris Weidman beats Omari Akhemdov by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

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