UFC 252 results: Daniel Pineda brutalizes Herbert Burns for upset UFC comeback win


After six years away, Daniel Pineda made a huge impact on his return to the UFC.

The veteran featherweight absolutely punished Herbert Burns on the ground from round one to round two before trapping the Brazilian in a crucifix where he landed a series of brutal elbows until the fight was finally stopped. The end came at 4:37 in the second round.

It was a long way back to the Octagon for Pineda after leaving the promotion after two straight losses, but he looked better than ever on his return.

“Keep counting me,” Pineda said. “Keep betting against me. It feels good, everyone doubted. I cut 27 pounds in two weeks.

” He was good. He broke my eye from the start. I am getting older but I am getting better. ”

Pineda was on the attack as soon as he was released from the corner, blasting Burns with an opening to the right. Burns retaliated with a withdrawal but Pinada quickly escaped and after regaining his feet he dropped the Brazilian to the ground.

Additionally, Pineda was relentless with his strikes as he beat Burns with punches and elbows without ever giving his opponent a moment to catch his breath.

While it was a good start for Pineda, Burns countered early in the second round by bringing the fight back to the ground except this time he wasn’t defending himself from below. Burns was patient as he waited for the opening to advance his position, but it was also evident that his gas tank was starting to dry up.

As soon as Burns started to slow down, Pineda made him pay.

After exploding from the bottom to reverse positions, Pineda started hitting Burns again with a ground and pound attack. Pineda eventually trapped an arm to shift into the crucifix position where it started raining nudges and Burns simply had no way of escaping.

After a brutal series of elbows dropped with Burns drowned in quicksand, the ref was left with no choice but to stop the fight as Pineda celebrated his first UFC win since 2013.

Known as an all-action fighter, Pineda retained his perfect finishing record with 27 wins and all by either knockout or submission following his TKO against Burns on Saturday night.


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