UEFA considering single match format, says president Aleksander Ceferin


Manchester City stunned by Lyon in Champions League quarter-finals

UEFA may consider revisiting the single-game knockout format in the coming seasons following its incorporation into this season’s Champions League.

The suspension of football during the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a review of the format of the club competition so that it can be completed at all.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said: “We were forced to do it but in the end we see that we have discovered something new.

“So we’ll definitely think about it in the future. ”

The Champions League and Europa League finals – starting from the quarter-finals – took place at neutral venues over a two-week period in August.

There have been exciting highlights in the Champions League quarter-finals involving Manchester City and Lyon, Paris St-Germain and Atalanta, and in RB Leipzig’s victory over Atletico Madrid. And in the most anticipated game, Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2.

Ceferin believes the games have been less careful and the teams have been forced to aim for goals because there have been no return matches.

He added: “If it’s a game, if one team scores, the other has to score as soon as possible. If it is a two-legged system, there is still time to win the next game.

“But of course we also have to think about the fact that we have fewer games and the broadcasters say ‘you don’t have as many games as before, it’s different” – so we will have to discuss ending this situation. crazy woman. ”

The current format cannot be changed until 2024-25, although discussions are expected to begin later this year on the structure of the competition in the next phase.

This season’s final between Bayern Munich and Paris St-Germain kicks off Sunday at 8:00 p.m. BST.


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