UAE abandons economic boycott of Israel after US-brokered deal | News from Israel


The leader of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has abandoned an economic boycott against Israel, allowing trade and financial deals between countries, another key step towards normal relations.

The deal brokered by the United States to open up relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was announced on August 13. He was forcing Israel to end its contentious plan to annex the occupied West Bank lands sought by the Palestinians.

The state-run United Arab Emirates news agency WAM said the decision to officially end the boycott was taken on the orders of UAE chief Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the leader. from Abu Dhabi.

WAM said the new decree allows Israelis and Israeli companies to do business in the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven sheikhs on the Arabian Peninsula. It also allows the purchase and trade of Israeli products.

“The decree of the new law is part of the UAE’s efforts to expand diplomatic and trade cooperation with Israel,” WAM said.

It establishes “a roadmap for launching joint cooperation, leading to bilateral relations by stimulating economic growth and promoting technological innovation”.

On Monday, the first direct commercial flight from Israel’s flagship carrier El Al is due in Abu Dhabi, carrying U.S. and Israeli officials including President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Saturday’s announcement formally eliminates a 1972 UAE books law, just after the UAE was formed.

This law reflected the position widely shared by Arab nations at the time that recognition of Israel would come only after the Palestinians had their own independent state.

The UAE-Israel deal was criticized by Palestinian groups after its announcement, with groups claiming it was doing nothing to serve the Palestinian cause and ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip, condemned the deal, which it called “a treacherous stab in the back.”

“This agreement does absolutely not serve the Palestinian cause, it rather serves the Zionist discourse. This agreement encourages occupation [Israel] to continue to deny the rights of our Palestinian people, and even to continue their crimes against our people, ”Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said in a statement.

The Fatah movement has declared that the UAE is “flouting its national, religious and humanitarian duties” to the Palestinian cause.

“Israel has been rewarded for not having openly declared what it has been doing to Palestine illegally and persistently since the beginning of the occupation,” said Hanan Ashrwai, member of the executive committee of the Liberation Organization. Palestine (PLO).

The UAE is emerging as the third Arab nation after Egypt and Jordan to currently have diplomatic relations with Israel.

In recent years, the UAE has had calm talks with Israel and allowed Israelis with a second passport to enter the country for trade and negotiations.


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