Tyson Fury admits he ‘didn’t want to be alive’ during mental health issues


Tyson Fury admitted he “didn’t want to be alive” at the height of his mental health issues as he reflected on his path to the top of boxing.The 31-year-old has overcome a well-publicized battle with depression and drug addiction that has seen his weight climb to over 28 stones and on the verge of suicide.

After a near-death experience where he almost drove his car across a high-speed bridge, Fury changed his life before making a miraculous return to the ring.

Since then, the Gypsy King has re-established himself as the world’s No.1 heavyweight after defeating formerly undefeated champion Deontay Wilder to win the WBC title.

Posting to Instagram on Saturday, Fury said, “A massive cry to my team every member you know who you are.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was so sick that the only thing I could think about was death and how I didn’t want to be alive, just over 2.2 years later I loves life and healthy like a trout, & have once again reached the pinnacle of sport.

“It shows you that no matter how bad things are you have to keep going because things will be better I promise you can get your life back.” Get help immediately.

Fury has become an ambassador for mental health and admitted that he feels it is his duty to help those struggling with similar issues that have affected his life.

Inside the ring, he continues to inspire and is lined up for a trilogy fight with the aforementioned Wilder later this year.

The fight was mapped out for some time in December after the original July dates were sabotaged due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, US Fury promoter Bob Arum suggested the contest could be pushed back further in February – a year after the two last met.

But rival promoter Eddie Hearn has said the fight “must take place” this year or that mandatory Dillian Whyte should be allowed to step in to fight Fury instead of Wilder.

There’s also the small question of a much-anticipated fixture with Anthony Joshua at some point in 2021, which means Fury is set for a busy year ahead.


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