Two more people die in Wales after testing positive for coronavirus


Two other people in Wales have died after testing positive for the coronavirus, it has been announced. Public Health Wales (PHW) confirmed in its daily update on Saturday August 1 that there have been two new deaths following a positive laboratory test for Covid-19.

This means that the total number of laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 deaths in Wales since the start of the epidemic has reached 1,562.

Meanwhile, PHW said the number of confirmed positive coronavirus cases in Wales increased by 21 to bring the total to 17,279.

Wrexham and Flintshire both recorded the most positive cases with five followed by Vale of Glamorgan with three. Denbighshire and RCT had two new cases with Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire and Anglesey all having one new case, while all other local authorities had no new cases.

This means that 13 of the 21 new positive cases in Wales were in the area covered by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

While Wales has a testing capacity of over 15,000 per day, the total number of tests that took place on Friday July 31 was 8,246.

Get the full numbers for your region:

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said on Friday the virus was at ‘low ebb’ in Wales and said that while there had been an increase in cases in the Wrexham area, these could mainly be attributed at Rowan Foods factory and Wrexham Maelor hospital.

As a result, the lockdown easement package he announced on Friday, which will roll out over the next few weeks, will also apply to Wrexham and no local lockdowns will be introduced at this point.

From August 3:

  • Up to 30 people from any number of households can meet outdoors
  • Children under 11 will no longer have to stay two meters away from people outside their home
  • Restaurants, pubs and cafes allowed to reopen indoors
  • Indoor bowling alleys, auction houses and bingo halls can
  • Authorized wedding venues may reopen but receptions must take place outside

From August 10:

  • Gyms, swimming pools and recreation centers should all be able to reopen
  • Indoor play areas, including soft play centers, may reopen

From August 15th:

  • People can meet indoors if infection rates continue to drop

Mr Drakeford said: “If there was evidence that reopening places in these communities would put people at risk, then we would take a different course of action, but we will rely on scientific evidence.

“That’s why we carried out mass tests. I think nearly 800 people will have been tested in these two communities.

“This will let us know if the virus is circulating locally and if giving people additional freedoms would create new and unacceptable risks.

“We don’t think, from what we’ve been told so far, that this will be the case, but we will follow the evidence wherever it takes us and base our actions on what that evidence tells us.

No new deaths were reported by Public Health Wales on 13 occasions in the past month (6, 10, 12, 13 and 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27 and 28 July).

This does not necessarily mean that no one has died with the virus on those specific dates, as it can take several days for a death to be officially recorded.

The so-called “real” death figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which include all deaths for which the virus was mentioned on a death certificate and not just cases of cases identified in a laboratory, revealed that 2,491 people had died with coronavirus in Wales through July 17.


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