Trump says mail-in ballots will lead to ‘greatest electoral disaster in history’


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After Joe Biden in national and state battlefield polls, Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of the mail-in vote on Friday by predicting that November will bring “the greatest electoral disaster in history.”

“It will be fixed. It will be rigged… People should get smart, ”said the president. “It will be the greatest electoral disaster in history… You will not know the results of the elections for weeks, months, even years. Maybe you will never know the outcome of the election.

Mr Trump on Thursday had backed down from his initial calls for an election delay, but appeared to push the idea again on Friday. Congress has the power to fix the date of elections, not the president, under the US Constitution.

He again approved postal votes, but warned governors who are increasing the number of mail-in ballots that they guarantee large-scale electoral fraud.

“This will last forever,” he yelled of the vote count and uncertainty, looking a lot like a president who wants to delay an election, moments after adding a twist to his latest controversy.

Voting experts say there is little data to support the theory that postal ballots automatically lead to fraud. But White House officials point to recent media reports from New York, New Jersey and other states where recent elections have been plagued by problems with sending ballots.

“I want to bring it up,” he said of the election date [3 November].

He predicted that there will be no outcome as to whether he or Mr. Biden won that night or even November 6, saying the 2020 election could go on “forever.”

Democrats have accused Mr Trump of hanging a delay because he is afraid of losing to Mr Biden.

The former vice president on Thursday accused the president of tweeting about a possible delay in the election that morning to distract from cable coverage of the funeral of the late Congressman John Lewis, a leader of the civil rights.

Earlier Thursday, President Nancy Pelosi responded to his idea by citing the Constitution.

“Article II, section 1 of the Constitution states:“ Congress may fix the time of the choice of the electors and the day on which they will cast their vote; which day will be the same in all of the United States, ”Ms Pelosi tweeted.

Senior Republicans, including Senate and House leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, rejected the idea. Both, echoed by their caucuses, said the election should and would take place on November 3, putting Mr Trump – again – on a political island, as some polls show him behind double-digit Mr Biden nationally. and about seven points in a handful of key swing states.


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