Trump said he could deliver the White House Convention speech


“Well, we’re thinking about it. It would be easier from a security point of view, ”he said in an interview with“ Fox and Friends ”. “We are thinking of doing it from the White House because there is no movement. It’s easy, and I think it’s a beautiful setting and we’re thinking about it. It is certainly one of the alternatives. It’s the simplest alternative, I think it’s a nice alternative. “

Ethics experts say Trump considering accepting the White House property nomination underscores his willingness to trample standards.

A federal law, known as the Hatch Act, generally prohibits the use of government and employee property for political purposes, with a few exceptions. The president and vice-president are exempt, but some former officials have sought to limit political activity in the White House, for example, by hosting political events elsewhere or in the residential spaces of the presidential mansion.

“This is an act of open campaigning,” Kedric Payne, general counsel and senior ethics officer at the Campaign Legal Center, said of Trump’s decision. “He surfed the line making statements about Biden at the White House events. It’s beyond the line. “

Convention planners were considering the South Lawn of the White House for the acceptance speech, The Washington Post reported Tuesday night, citing a Republican familiar with the talks. Those involved in the convention also told the Post that no decision has been made on the location of the celebratory events that will take place during the convention. They also said the South Lawn and the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, were also under consideration for the convention celebrations, the newspaper reported.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the 2020 electoral cycle upside down, forcing the two political parties to change convention plans and campaign methods. The RNC has repeatedly tweaked its plans and made many changes to the nomination process and the Democratic National Convention will have limited prime-time programming each night of the event.

Trump previously insisted on accepting the Republican nomination in front of a large crowd and pushed the RNC to seek a new location to host a full convention in person after North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, raised health concerns public regarding the holding of mass gatherings. in Charlotte. Parts of the event were scheduled to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, but Trump subsequently canceled those plans and announced he would make the acceptance speech in Charlotte before also withdrawing from that event.

Mentioning Republican MPs. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan also gave speeches, Trump said, “I will probably do mine live from the White House,” adding “If for some reason anyone was having difficulty with this, I could go elsewhere. ”

This story has been updated.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.


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