Trump now says he wishes Ghislaine Maxwell good luck because he doesn’t want her to end up dying like Epstein


In an interview with “Axios on HBO” that aired Monday night, Trump was asked why he wished Maxwell good luck after she was arrested on allegations of child sex trafficking.

“Well, first of all you don’t know,” Trump said of the child sex trafficking allegations. “Her friend or boyfriend (Epstein) was killed or committed suicide. She is now in prison. Yeah, I wish him luck. I wish you good luck. I wish a lot of people good luck. Good luck. Let them prove someone was guilty. ”

Maxwell is charged with seduction and conspiracy to induce minors, as young as 14, to travel to engage in unlawful sexual acts, transport and conspiracy to transport minors with the intent to commit themselves. engaging in criminal sexual activity; and two counts of perjury. She denied any wrongdoing.

When asked to clarify if he was suggesting he hoped she wouldn’t die in jail, Trump told Axios: “Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to figure out, how it goes. has it happened? Is this a suicide? Was he killed? And I wish him good luck. I’m not looking for anything wrong with her. “

Trump’s suggestion that Epstein’s death might not have been suicide contradicts both the New York medical examiner’s office and his own attorney general.Last year, the New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s Office said Epstein committed suicide by hanging in a Manhattan jail cell, where he was awaiting trial on federal charges accusing him. for sexually abusing underage girls. Attorney General Bill Barr said a “perfect storm of misfires” gave Epstein the chance to kill himself and called Epstein’s death suicide.

When asked about Maxwell’s arrest last month, Trump told reporters, “I just wish him luck, frankly. ”

Trump admitted to meeting Maxwell “many times” over the years, but said he did not follow his case.

The President was also asked if he thought Maxwell was going to turn against powerful men, including Prince Andrew, who had come under public pressure to explain his relationship with Epstein and one of his accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. . Giuffre alleged that she was coerced into sex with the prince when she was underage. Federal prosecutors have requested talks with Prince Andrew as part of their investigation into the alleged sex trafficking ring. Prince Andrew has denied Giuffre’s claims.

Trump replied, “I don’t know. I didn’t really follow him too much. I just wish him luck, frankly. I have met her many times over the years, especially since living in Palm Beach. I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish him good luck. Either way. I don’t know the situation with Prince Andrew. I do not know. I am not aware. ”

Trump himself has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

More than a dozen women have come forward since 2016 with allegations against Trump ranging from groping on planes to unwanted advances in Trump Tower to rape in a department store.

Trump has firmly denied all the allegations.

CNN’s Betsy Klein contributed to this report.


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