Trump News Live: Latest updates as President says 2020 election will be “one of the biggest frauds in history”


Fox News cuts Trump speech, shows DemocratsDonald Trump gave the same speech at the White House on Wednesday, with attacks on his opponents, unsubstantiated predictions of electoral fraud and wacky statistics on the cornonavirus.

Outlining plans for reopening American schools, Mr Trump once again argued that children were less likely to contract the coronavirus – contrary to some studies.

“Think about it – 99.5%. It’s extremely close to 100% of all deaths are adults, ”the president said. “Children often have only mild symptoms and medical complications are incredibly rare.”

The comments come despite the fact that 97,000 children contracted the virus in the United States in the last two weeks of July alone.

Perhaps it was no surprise, then, that Fox News cut the president’s briefing before the one-hour mark.

Alternative coverage? His Democratic opponents are making their campaign debut.

John T Bennett reports:


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