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Treasury Secretary Says Trump Administration Ready To ‘Put More Money On The Table’ For Stimulus TalksTreasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke of the failed stimulus negotiations between Congress and the White House in an interview with CNBC.

“We’re ready to put more money on the table,” he said, “we’re not stuck at the $ 1 billion, but we’re not going to go to unlimited sums that have no meaning. “

Last week, the White House failed to come to an agreement with Democrats on what should be included in the stimulus package. This gap has been fueled by Republicans who believe the federal government has already spent too much money and want to keep the bill under $ 1 billion.

President Donald Trump then signed executive orders on Saturday night that would now provide relief to Americans, although many are uncertain how those orders will be carried out.

Mr Mnuchin declined to comment on the resumption of negotiations between the White House and Democrats, but said he heard from both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over the weekend .

“If we can get a fair deal, we’ll do it this week. ” he said.

The Trump administrator added that he admitted to Ms Pelosi that the White House overlooked specific aspects of the deal, one specifically relating to child food aid. “I listened to the speaker this weekend. She’s right. We started to run out of food. We realize that there are a lot of children and that there is a problem, ”he said.

Mnuchin, however, reiterated that the Trump administration was still opposed to increased assistance to state and local governments, a position Democrats are also unwilling to budge on. It remains to be seen how the two parties can negotiate this position among themselves.


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