Trump News Live: Latest 2020 Election and Twitter Updates As President Raises ‘Chinese Plague’


Trump announces re-appointment speech plansDonald Trump said on Monday that the White House and the Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg, Pa., Were two locations under consideration as the site of his Republican reappointment speech later this month.

In a Twitter message, the president said, “We will announce the decision soon! ”

The conventions of the Democratic and Republican parties have been turned upside down amid the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

The Republican convention August 24-27 was to be held entirely in Charlotte, North Carolina. A state that both sides expect to be competitive on November 3.

From now on, only one official working day of the convention will take place with a much smaller number of participants.

Last week Democrats scrapped plans for Joe Biden to accept his party’s nomination in person in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Another highly contested electoral state.

Democratic Party officials, citing concerns about the coronaviruses, said Mr Biden would instead speak to the nation from his home state of Delaware in the mostly virtual convention to be held Aug. 17-20. .

Mr Trump’s decision – whether it be the White House or Gettysburg – will be controversial, after critics criticized the president’s use of taxpayer money and his presidential post for campaign purposes, which includes the staging of the speech at the White House, a non-partisan public site.

Gettysburg, meanwhile, was the site of a decisive 1863 battle lost by the pro-slavery Confederate States of America, whose symbols Mr. Trump previously defended amid protests against racism.



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