Trump continues to threaten Portland ahead of Kenosha visit – live | American News


The president’s challenge in November is not just to hang on to those who backed him the last time around, but to win new voters to offset the increased resolve of Democrats in Wisconsin’s largest cities to vote this time around. and move away from it in some conservative suburbs. .Trump has his work cut out for him in rural Forest County in upper rural Wisconsin, which has consistently backed presidential winners from either party in recent times.

His support remains weak in the county among some of those who have voted for him before … and who have long criticized his erratic leadership, conflicting tweets and outright lies, but who stuck with it because they said the economy was strong. The only advantage for Trump is that there is little evidence of widespread enthusiasm for Biden.

Terri Burl, Republican County President until last month, admits Trump is in trouble.

“It’s a draw here with Wisconsin. Things are a little more worrying now for us. But I am not a pessimist. I’m optimistic. The word is we just have to stay positive, we have to send a positive message, ”said Burl, a former social worker.

But it’s hard to push the positive amid a pandemic, mass unemployment, and a booming economy.


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