Trump considers South Lawn of White House for Republican convention speech | Donald trump


Donald Trump said he plans to deliver his speech at the Republican National Convention at the White House South Lawn in an interview Wednesday morning with Fox & Friends.

Such a move would further blur the line between official presidential affairs and campaign events – something Trump has done more than recent U.S. presidents.

“We’re thinking about it,” Trump said, speaking on Fox & Friends. “It would be the easiest from a security point of view.”

The convention was originally set for Charlotte, North Carolina, but party leaders reduced the event due to concerns over the coronavirus. The city will still host a small gathering of Republican delegates to organize the meetings necessary to officially nominate Trump as the party’s candidate for the November presidential election.

Three more days of speeches and other events are expected to take place, although Republicans have not announced where they will take place.

After Charlotte’s reunion ended, Trump was due to deliver his acceptance speech in Jacksonville, Florida. That plan was abruptly scrapped at the end of July, as coronavirus cases spiked statewide.

Trump said the White House lawn was a “beautiful setting” and “the simpler alternative.”

The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from using government property for political purposes, but the president and vice president are exempt from these restrictions.

Other government employees involved in organizing the event, however, would be vulnerable to breach of the law.

An anonymous source familiar with the talks told the Washington Post that the Trump International Hotel in DC was also being considered as the venue.

Democrats will direct their programming from a convention center in Milwaukee and are also ready to host events and speeches from other parts of the country.

Trump claimed in his interview with Fox News on Wednesday that the United States would be “probably in very good shape” in terms of a pandemic on election day on November 3.

The United States is an international hotspot for the disease, struggling to contain its spread. At least 1,358 deaths and 53,304 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Tuesday – the figures rebounding after a few days of decline.


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