Trump calls Kamala Harris a ‘crazy woman’ and bizarrely claims Democrats want to abolish ‘all kinds of animals’ and ‘demolish’ the Empire State Building


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Donald Trump tore apart Kamala Harris and other Democrats on Thursday, claiming the alleged vice presidential candidate was a ‘mad woman’ and claiming her party wanted to get rid of ‘all kinds of animals’ and demolish the famous Empire New York State Building.

The president, behind Joe Biden in national polls and in most major swing states, claimed in an interview with Fox Business that Democrats wanted to demolish the iconic building and replace it with a new one without a window. He also said the party’s “Green New Deal” called for “no cows,” before asserting that all Democrats want to abolish all animals.

He also repeated his claim that before the coronavirus outbreak the economy was so strong that George Washington, the country’s first president, was unable to defeat it. The president called Mr Biden and Ms Harris “big taxpayers,” saying they were proposing what amounts to a $ 4 billion tax hike.

“He’s going to give… massive tax increases to pay for the AOC plan,” he said, referring to freshman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whom he dubbed a “poor student” and “ not even a smart person ”his latest attack on a female critic.

Minutes later, the president lashed out at President Nancy Pelosi, predicting that Republicans would take over the House because she was “freaking out.”

The president again tried Thursday morning to qualify the Democratic ticket as “radical” and far ideologically left.

“It’s amazing that Sleepy Joe is on board,” he said of proposals like the progressive “Green New Deal”.

“And now you have a crazy wife. Such hatred for Justice Kavanaugh, ”he said, referring to Ms. Harris’ fierce exchanges with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

He called Democrats “angry because I beat them” in 2016.

The president again described Mr Biden, who is 77, as mentally disabled, saying the former vice president “doesn’t even know he’s alive.”

It came a day after Mr Biden harshly criticized the president’s leadership abilities and the handling of the coronavirus outbreak.


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