Trump briefly leaves press briefing after filming near White House


Trump returned to the briefing room a few minutes later, confirming a shooting.

“There was a shooting outside the White House and it seems very well under control. I want to thank the Secret Service for their always fast and very efficient work, ”Trump said upon his return.

After returning to the podium, the US Secret Service tweeted: “The Secret Service can confirm that an officer involved shot at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Law enforcement officials are on site. ”

A senior administration official said there was an active shooter near the White House and that shooter is in custody.

The incident happened just outside the grounds of the White House, near Lafayette Square, the official said.Trump was in mid-sentence on the first briefing attempt when security entered the room and asked him to leave the area.

” Sorry? Trump asked when security approached.

“Get out,” the agent said.

“Oh,” Trump said before leaving the room.

When Trump returned to the briefing room, he said he was taken to the Oval Office during his evacuation.

“I feel very safe with the secret service. They are fantastic people. They are the best of the best. They are highly skilled, ”Trump told reporters upon his return. “They just wanted me to step away for a little while to make sure everything was clear outside. ”

Trump said he asked if White House facilities were violated.

“I don’t think the person violated anything,” he added. “I don’t believe anything has been violated. I asked this question. “


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