Trump-backed My Pillow CEO says God gave him a platform to promote unproven treatment for coronavirus


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The CEO of My Pillow, who supports Donald Trump, said God gave him his platform, as he advocated treatment for the unproven coronavirus the president has expressed interest in.

Mike Lindell appeared on CNN Tuesday with host Anderson Cooper to discuss oleandrin, an extract from the oleander plant, as a potential therapeutic for Covid-19.

The therapeutics circulated in reports after Mr Lindell helped Andrew Whitney of Phoenix Biotechnology, which makes oleandrin, meet in the Oval Office in July to present it to the president, according to CNN reports, Le Washington Postand Axios. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was also present.

“This thing works. It’s the all-time miracle, ”Lindell told CNN, although he was unable to give details on how and where the drug has been studied.

“You are just misinterpreted because the media is trying to suppress this amazing remedy that works for everyone,” he added.

The CEO, who now has a financial interest in Phoenix Biotechnology, said he first learned of the drug’s existence after a friend brought it to him in April, calling it the ‘response to the virus’ .

But Cooper pointed out that Lindell has no scientific training or experience in therapy. Still, he’s pushing for a drug that doesn’t have public or peer-reviewed studies to support its effects against the coronavirus.

One study claims the drug can help prevent and treat Covid-19, but the lab study was not peer reviewed.

“A guy called you in April, said he had this product,” Cooper said. “You are now a member of the board of directors and will earn money from the sale of this product. The reason he’s contacted you is because you’ve got the president’s ear, so he’s having a meeting with the president, and you’re ready to make money with that.

“How do you sleep at night?” He asked.

The hits continued to come from the CNN host after he was unable to get answers from Mr Lindell on proof that there was out there that the drug could work.

“You really are a snake oil salesman. I mean you could be in the old west standing on a box telling people to drink your amazing elixir there’s no proof [of]The CNN host said.

The CEO, however, defended the drug, saying friends and family have used it and it has “saved many lives”.

“I do what Jesus makes me do,” he said during the interview.

“Do you think Jesus wants you to be here to promote remedies that… have never been tested? Cooper asked.

“Why would I do that?” Ask yourself why would I ruin my reputation if I didn’t believe in this product? Mr. Lindell replied.

CNN has faced a backlash for giving Mr LIndell a platform to promote the drug, but the CEO has claimed he has been in the limelight in recent months for a reason.

“I think my platform speaks for itself, the platform God gave me,” he told Mr. Cooper.

Journalists asked the president on Monday if the administration would look into the potential effects of oleandrin on the coronavirus. Research has previously suggested that the therapy could be useful as a treatment for various cancers, such as colon, pancreas, and prostate.

“We’re going to look at it,” Trump said of the drugs.

“We are looking at a lot of different things. I will say the FDA has been great. They are very close. We are very close to a vaccine. Very close to therapy. I heard that name mentioned, we will find out, ”he added.

Oleandrin has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat Covid-19.


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