Trudeau government pays $ 84 million to company that employs Katie Telford’s husband to run rent assistance program


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“It is as clear as day that there must be a screen here, because there is at the very least the perception of a conflict of interest, which is just as damaging as a real conflict of interest”, Nadeau said in an interview. “All conflicts of interest, potential conflicts of interest, or even perceived conflicts of interest must be separated by a Great Wall of China which must be formal, written and made public.”

Silver firm’s contract with government comes to light as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embroiled in yet another conflict of interest controversy, this time over his ties to Finance Minister Bill Morneau with the organization WE.

In June, WE Charity was offered up to $ 43.5 million to administer a scholarship program for student volunteers worth hundreds of millions of dollars before withdrawing from the deal in early July. .

Trudeau and Morneau are currently under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner for not recusing themselves from discussions surrounding the Canada Student Services Grant (CSSG), despite their family’s close ties to WE.

Trudeau had personally attended or organized several WE Day gatherings until 2017, while his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, is a WE ambassador and hosts a podcast for the organization.

Margaret Trudeau and Alexandre Trudeau, the Prime Minister’s mother and brother respectively, have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees by WE since 2016.

In Morneau’s case, two of his daughters have ties to the WE organization, one of whom is currently working there under contract.

The finance minister also admitted at the end of July that he had reimbursed $ 41,000 in unpaid fees to WE for two humanitarian trips made by his family in 2017.

“There is a worrying trend towards increasingly reckless governance within this federal government,” Trudel said. “I also see a certain degree of complacency when it comes to conflicts of interest.”

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