Tron 3 with Jared Leto finds the director


Great news from Grid fans, Tron. The third film is starting to gain momentum at Disney, with Deadline reporting that the studio has hired director Lion Garth Davis to direct Tron 3, with Jared Leto set to star. not known for his big-budget projects, insiders say Davis pursued the work aggressively, ultimately winning over the executives. ”

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Deadline quickly clarifies that while Tron 3 is currently in development at Disney, it has yet to receive the studio’s official green light, so there is no guarantee the new movie will actually see the light of day. Yet, ten years after the release of Tron: Legacy, a follow-up seems increasingly likely. Word of a Leto-based Tron movie first surfaced in 2017, with The Hollywood Reporter indicating that the film would be. a reboot of the franchise rather than a direct Legacy sequel. Leto is reportedly playing a new character named Ares, who is said to have been a key part of the abandoned Tron 3 script. This could imply that the reboot is still part of the same universe as the previous two films, but it’s unclear whether characters like Sam Flynn by Garrett Hedlund or Quorra by Olivia Wilde will return.Sadly, Tron himself probably won’t appear, as Bruce Boxleitner has confirmed he’s “done” with the franchise. That said, Boxleitner regained his original Tron costume earlier in 2020 for the Disney + Prop Culture series.Tron: Legacy co-producer Justin Springer is on board to produce the new film. In the event that the film goes ahead, Leto and his production partner Emma Ludbrook would also help produce to some extent.

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