Tristan Thompson’s alleged baby mom rushes to court and opens up about Khloe Kardashian


Kimberly got wind of the motion and eventually went to court. She shared photos from inside the courthouse and spoke to her supporters. Kimberly said she is asking the court to stop denying Tristan’s petition and give him time to respond to his complaint.One person asked if she had fought with Tristan since the birth of her son. She said, “It took this long to get in touch with him and get him to serve, he was avoiding me all this time after paying for an abortion that I didn’t have.” He knows the truth, which is why he tries to sue so that he does not have to retake the test in a neutral setting.

Another asked her if she had ever spoken Khloe kardashian. Kimberly said, “No” Another wrote, “Get it for all it’s worth girl, fuck dog love and support you. She replied, “Thank you.”

The case is ongoing.


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