Triple H reveals 3 current WWE Superstars he most respects and why


Triple H is known as the mastermind behind the NXT, and many Black and Gold brand graduates have made their names on the WWE Main List. However, there are a few who have earned Triple H’s respect.During the media call that followed the NXT TakeOver: XXX event, Triple H revealed that he truly respects Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Drew McIntyre for their passion for NXT. He went on to say that these Superstars often ask him if they can come back and be a part of the brand or just be engaged in some sort of job because they want to help the brand grow.

Triple H has opened up about his relationship with these Superstars and said he truly appreciates their dedication to the craft. Therefore, they have his respect and he is proud of the work they do. Speaking of Sasha Banks and Bayley, Triple H revealed,

“So I often turn that into passion. And what I respect the most is anyone who’s super passionate about it. It really stays with me. People like Sasha Banks and Bayley, whatever we do, if they’re in town and they’re here, I know I’ll get a daytime text from one of them saying, ‘Hey, can we come tonight? To say hello or to see everyone? ‘or’ Hey! Want to put us on the show? We would also like to do something. Oh! By the way, if you want us to work, we can do that too. Oh if you need us on Wednesday, we are happy to do that too. Their passion for coming here and wanting to be a part of it, to contribute to the show, to contribute to the future of it, it’s great. You know, just seeing them enlightens me when they’re here. It really is. ”

Triple H commente Drew McIntyre

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was one of the main superstars on the list to make an appearance on NXT TakeOver: XXX. He had previously asked the Hunter for permission to come for the event and was invested in the show from the start.

Triple H also spoke about how he enjoys seeing these Superstars return to NXT even though they don’t have to. However, they choose to do so because they want to be part of the brand that was once integral to their WWE careers. Speaking of Drew McIntyre, Triple H said:

“Drew McIntyre, same thing. I did some ESPN media with Drew Mcintrye yesterday and while we were on the phone doing it the first thing he said to me “Hey, can I come to TakeOver? This level of passion from these people, they don’t have to, but they want to be a part of it, they want to be here and engage, and that’s great for me. That’s what I like. The pride they take in NXT and the time they spent here as well as their fond memories. they sometimes say coming back here makes them more nervous than going into PPVs because they remember Full Sail. To me that means everything. ”

While Triple H is extremely proud of the Superstars he nurtured on NXT, some of them have never forgotten their days at Full Sail University. The fact that they remember the place so fondly has earned them a special place in Triple H’s heart and it is beautiful to see the relationship they share.
Posted on Aug 23, 2020 10:44 AM


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