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Trevor Noah

Aired at the end of the second night, The Daily Show recapped the first night of the virtual Democratic National Convention, in which many ordinary Americans, politicians and celebrities launched a week-long celebration and call for the action for candidate Joe Biden.

One of the most moving early speakers, host Trevor Noah said, was Kristin Urquiza of Arizona, whose father died of coronavirus in June. “Her only pre-existing condition was to trust Donald Trump,” she said of her father, adding that he felt “betrayed” by the president at the end of his life.

The daily show

DNC Day 1: Bernie kills Groot’s entire family, Michelle Obama brings down the house, and Trump is impressive.

August 19, 2020

“Wow, that was absolutely scathing,” Noah said of his remarks. “And she’s right, she thinks Donald Trump is truly one of the most harmful things you can do.” This fact was true even before Trump was president, he added – “just ask Atlantic City, his first two wives, or any other Trump University graduate.

But the real highlight of the first night was former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech, in which she calmly declared Donald Trump unfit to lead. Obama’s words were both ‘bright’ and ‘icy’, Noah said, “and what made them even more devastating was that Michelle Obama wasn’t angry – she wasn’t screaming, she just declared Trump’s complete failure as president as president. obvious fact ”.


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