Travel News: Police warn of antisocial behavior in Cornwall and Dorset ahead of public holidays


reDespite a seven-day case rate of 139.5 per 100,000, higher than all other European territories and the 10th highest in the world, Gibraltar remains on the green list.

Maybe special allowances are made because it is a British Overseas Territory (although the same allowances were not made for Turks and Caicos Islands or the British Virgin Islands). Or maybe it’s because the tiny enclave has done so much testing (although that factor hasn’t stopped the UK from snubbing Luxembourg).

Fabian Picardo, the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, who has already been added to Germany’s high-risk list, told Today on BBC Radio 4 that Gibraltar was being unfairly tried because it had tested around 32,000 people, or 95% of the population.

“We are doing a good job in detecting the virus and treating it,” said Mr. Picardo.

“If you take a more detailed dive and look at the fact that we do more testing than most places on a per capita basis, you will understand that we are now very successful at identifying cases of the virus and then exercising controls. in terms of the imposition of self-isolation. [Should restrictions be imposed], I would be concerned about the impact on people who have to travel to UK from Gibraltar and not just to trade tourism. It’s a business issue, it’s a study issue, it’s a health issue.


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