Tour de France: teams will be expelled if two members test positive for Covid | Tour de France


Teams will be withdrawn from the Tour de France if two riders or staff members show symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 according to strict protocols from the race organizers.

However the race, which starts in Nice on August 28, will continue even if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the peloton according to an 18-page document shared with the teams this week.

“If two or more people from the same team show strongly suspicious symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19, the team in question will be expelled from the Tour de France,” says the document, which was obtained by the cycling site VeloNews.

“Its riders will not be allowed to start the Tour de France (or the next stage) and team personnel will have their accreditation withdrawn.”

All team members will have to enter a ‘bubble’ three days before the race by passing two Covid-19 tests – and everyone around the Tour will be tested again on the two rest days, 7 and September 14.

Under strict guidelines from race organizers, ASO, team medics will be required to assess the health of each runner and staff member each day using a health checklist that tracks all symptoms of a possible infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath. , abnormal body aches and fatigue.

Doctors will also need to classify symptoms as “moderately” or “strongly” suspect and share the information with race medical staff and Tsar Covid.

According to VeloNews, the document states that the ultimate goal is “to protect the health of the riders, team personnel and others involved in the Tour de France and to ensure that the event can proceed.”

Other new rules include the use of face masks before and after stages, including inside buses and team cars, press conferences held online and riders are not allowed to interact with them. fans.

ASO has been approached by the Guardian for comment.


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