Toronto Blue Jays’ Jacob Waguespack, left out, was ruled ineligible to pitch


A rare situation arose at Truist Park in Atlanta, where the Toronto Blue Jays faced the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night.

At the bottom of the sixth inning, reliever Jacob Waguespack stepped onto the pitch to relieve starter Nate Pearson, but once he got to the mound he was directed to the dugout by home plate umpire Alan Porter. Moments later, Rafael Dolis started his warm-up shots to enter the match.

Sportsnet’s Hazel Mae reported that the official ruling was that Waguespack was deemed ineligible to enter the game because he did not appear on the official roster card Porter received. Waguespack was picked early Thursday to be recalled ahead of the game when the Blue Jays put Trent Thornton on the injured list.

It is assumed that manager Charlie Montoyo has not updated his roster card to reflect the pre-match roster transaction.

However, Major League Baseball Rule 4.03 (c) Official Baseball Rules mention that the list of relievers – and other substitutes – is only a “courtesy” and that “failure to list a potential substitute player will not render that potential substitute player ineligible to enter the game.” “

If my reading of the rules is correct, then if Waguespack was officially recalled then he should have been eligible to start the game even though he was not on the roster card. In this case, Montoyo could have presented the settlement to the referee team to appeal and, if necessary, play the remainder of the match under protest.


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