Toddler sent a 100-foot spin in the sky after huge gust of wind swept her up on the kite – World News


A three-year-old was pulled into the sky by a large kite after a huge gust of wind in Nanliao Harbor in Taiwan’s Hsinchu city today.The girl, whose name was Lin, was at the 2020 International Kite Festival in the city when a kite with a long strip was violently blown by the wind.

This kite sort of got tangled around Lin’s stomach and she was pulled into the sky.

Lin is luckily fine, suffering only minor scratches according to Taiwan News, but it was terrifying for everyone.

A video shared on social media appears to show the girl swinging in the air for a few seconds before someone gets off the kite.

The girl was caught in the kite and whipped in the air

She was in the air for a few seconds before someone could bring down the wing

She was quite tall and the video shows her twisting in the air as shocked viewers cannot believe what they see.

There was a lot of screaming and screaming, but luckily a group of people grabbed the girl when she fell.

Lin was then sent to the hospital by staff during the event with her mother for a check-up, although, as stated, she was fine.

Luckily the girl didn’t have any serious injuries but it must have been terrifying to watch

The event was closed immediately after the incident

The event, which was hosted by the city government, canceled after the incident, and then the city’s mayor, Lin Chih-chien, apologized on Facebook for what had happened.

The mayor promised that there would be a full investigation into what happened to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

“The city government team sincerely apologizes to the victim and the public,” said Lin Chih-chien.


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