Thousands of people protest against coronavirus measures in Berlin


The rally was organized under the title “The end of the pandemic – freedom day”. Some protesters chanted “the biggest conspiracy theory is the pandemic,” according to German media.

A Stuttgart-based organization called Querdenken 711 – which roughly translates to “think outside the box 711” – organized the rally.

Berlin City Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said on Friday that neo-Nazi organizations also called on people to participate in the march. German media noted that “Freedom Day” was also the name of a Nazi propaganda film documenting the 1935 Party Congress in Nuremberg.

A banner during the march called on politicians such as German Minister of Health Jens Spahn, Premier of Bavaria Markus Söder, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Christian Drosten to be “locked up”.

The protesters also “aggressively asked” journalists to remove their masks by the protesters, the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper reported. A video of Querdenken 711 before the march said the group was peaceful and called on participants to be polite to reporters.

Sawsan Chebli, a senior Berlin city government official, called the protest a “disaster”.

“I come from abroad and I see these images. Many look to Germany and admire us for the way we have treated the crown. These images are a disaster. They destroy everything. They endanger human lives and destroy livelihoods. They scare me ”. she tweeted.


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