This morning’s Eamonn Holmes runs into black activist over BBC Proms racism


This morning’s host Eamonn Holmes clashed with political activist Femi Oluwole over the use of songs like Rule Britannia in the BBC Proms, due to their colonial references.Femi argued that the songs were not the problem, but the larger problem was racism in the country, and he said the Proms problem was being used to distract from, for example, Boris’ racist comments. Johnson.

But Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford told Femi he was booked on the show to only talk about the songs.

Nigel Farage also took part in the debate, arguing that the country should be proud of these songs and of its national heritage, and called Femi “extremist”.

Eamonn asked Femi why he was offended by the word “slave”

“This story is being driven by the BBC, the same BBC that took two weeks to apologize for using the N word in a live news broadcast,” Femi said.

“The idea that this represents the fight for racial equality is laughable. ”

Eamonn read a line from the Northern Ireland national anthem, and he asked Femi if he had a problem with the word “slave” being used.

Femi received a wave of support on social media after the segment

Femi said he would need to know the context in which the song uses the word and said he couldn’t talk about the matter without it – but Eamonn insisted.

He then mentioned a list of other European countries that had the word “slave” in their national songs and asked Femi if he disagreed with that.

Several viewers felt it was very offensive, and one of them tweeted: “#ThisMorning Eamonn Holmes is a racist this is excruciating, asking a black man why he disputes the word ‘slave’ ??? In this condescending tone too #ThisMorning. “

Nigel Farage called Femi Oluwole an extremist

Another wrote: “Oh my god. Has @EamonnHolmes REALLY asked @Femi_Sorry why he is so offended by the word slave? And did Nigel Farage just call him an extremist ?? # ThisMorning @ itvstudios This interview was disgusting to watch. ”

“Very disappointed with @thismorning for their treatment of @Femi_Sorry today. Femi was articulate and knowledgeable, but @EamonnHolmes tried to make him sound silly. Also, allowing #NigelFarage to call #Femi an extremist was pointless. #ThisMorning ”added a third.

A fourth wrote: @Femi_Sorry asked by Eamonn for his rendition of the Irish national anthem, rightly and honestly says he can’t answer without context, is deep in it anyway… #thismorning. ”

“#ThisMorning allowing Farage to call @Femi_Sorry as an extremist for explaining why some people may be offended by the word empire or be referred to taking over territories?” Disagree, ”added a fifth.

MirrorOnline has reached out to a representative for This Morning for comment.

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays on ITV at 10 a.m.


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