These are the Toronto schools most at risk of COVID-19 infection


As the students return to school in September, security is in dire straits over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.Toronto Public Health recently gathered data showing which schools in the city are most at risk for COVID-19 infection and the list is quite long.

Officials say 80 public elementary schools and 36 Catholic elementary schools are among the 20% of local schools most likely to transmit the virus. Most of these schools are in the northwest corner of the city.

Toronto’s two school boards have announced plans to reopen back to school. A spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board told CBC they are spending more than $ 30 million to reduce class sizes with a focus on these high-risk areas.

“There we’re capping Kindergarten classes at 15, while grades 1-8 will be at 20. Recently the federal government announced significant new funding and staff are currently evaluating how our plans can be further. improved, ”he said.

Shazia Vlahos, head of communications and government relations for the Toronto Catholic District School Board, also briefed the CBC on the security measures it is taking.

“Three-sided plexiglass desktop screens for students and teachers in classes over 15 students will be considered with targeted prioritization of installation in schools in high incidence areas of the highest [need].  »

The federal government recently announced a $ 2 billion fund that will help provinces reopen safe schools. Ontario is expected to receive approximately $ 763 million of this money.

Here is the full list of schools most at risk:

  • Africentric Alternative School
  • Albion Heights Junior Middle School
  • Ancaster Public School
  • Bala Avenue Community School
  • Beaumonde Heights Junior Middle School
  • Collège Beverley Heights
  • Public blacksmith school
  • Blaydon Public School
  • Blessed Margherita of the Catholic school Citta di Castello
  • Braeburn Primary School
  • Brookhaven Public School
  • Brookview Middle School
  • CR Marchant College
  • Calico Public School
  • Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy
  • Chalkfarm Public School
  • Charles E. Webster Public School
  • Claireville Elementary School
  • Cordella Junior Public School
  • Daystrom Public School
  • Dennis Avenue Community School
  • Derrydown Public School
  • Dixon Grove Junior Middle School
  • Downsview Public School
  • Driftwood Public School
  • Elia College
  • Elmbank Junior Middle Academy
  • Elmlea Primary School
  • Father Serra Catholic School
  • Firgrove Public School
  • Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy
  • Gateway Public School
  • General Mercer Junior Public School
  • George Anderson Public School
  • George Syme Community School
  • Gosford Public School
  • Gracedale Public School
  • Greenholme Junior College
  • Grenoble Public School
  • Gulfstream Public School
  • HJ Alexander Community School
  • Harwood Public School
  • Highfield Elementary School
  • Highland Creek Public School
  • Highview Public School
  • Hilltop Middle School
  • Holy Child Catholic School
  • Collège Humber Summit
  • Humberwood Downs Junior Intermediate Academy
  • Catholic School of the Immaculate Conception
  • John D. Parker Junior School
  • Kingsview Village Elementary School
  • Lamberton Public School
  • Lambton Park Community School
  • Maple Leaf Public School
  • Meadowvale Public School
  • Melody Village Primary School
  • Monsignor John Corrigan Catholic School
  • Morrish Public School
  • North Kipling Junior Middle School
  • O’Connor Public School
  • Oakdale Park Middle School
  • Notre-Dame de la Victoire Catholic School
  • Parkfield Elementary School
  • Pelmo Park Public School
  • Pierre Laporte College
  • Portage Trail Community School
  • Rockcliffe Middle School
  • Roselands Junior Public School
  • Santa Maria Catholic School
  • Sheppard Public School
  • Shoreham Public Academy of Sports and Wellness
  • Sloane Public School
  • Smithfield Middle School
  • Saint-André Catholic School
  • St. Andrew Catholic School
  • St. Angela Catholic School
  • Saint-Augustin Catholic School
  • Saint-Benoît Catholic School
  • Saint-Bernard Catholic School
  • Saint-Charles Garnier Catholic School
  • St. Conrad Catholic School
  • St. Dorothy Catholic School
  • Saint-Eugène Catholic School
  • St. Fidelis Catholic School
  • St. Francis de Sales Catholic School
  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic School
  • St. Jane Frances Catholic School
  • Saint-Jérôme Catholic School
  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
  • St. John Vianney Catholic School
  • St. Jude Catholic School
  • Saint-Marcellus Catholic School
  • St. Martha Catholic School
  • Saint-Maurice Catholic School
  • Saint-Norbert Catholic School
  • Saint-Raphaël Catholic School
  • Saint-Roch Catholic School
  • Saint-Simon Catholic School
  • St. Stephen Catholic School
  • St. Wilfrid Catholic School
  • Stanley Public School
  • Stilecroft Public School
  • Elms Junior College
  • Thorncliffe Park Public School
  • Topcliff Public School
  • Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School
  • Tumpane Public School
  • Valley Park Middle School
  • Valleyfield Elementary School
  • Venerable John Merlini Catholic School
  • Victoria Village Public School
  • West Humber Junior Middle School
  • Weston Memorial Junior Public School
  • Westway Junior School
  • Yorkwoods Public School


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