Theo Epstein reacts to the postponement of the series, the situation of the Cardinals is totally daily


While I have no doubt that the Cubs are confused in the abstract that they suddenly have to sit down for four days thanks to the postponement of the Cardinals series and scheduled Monday recess, I am also confident that they support the decision made by the MLB last night. I think we can have both points of view – that it’s bad luck for the Cubs competitively, but keeping the players and coaches as safe as possible trumps all the rest.As Cubs President Theo Epstein said in a statement:

“Based on the information MLB has shared with us, postponing this series is a necessary step to protect the health and safety of Cardinals and Cubs. So it’s absolutely the right thing to do. While this is obviously far from ideal, it is 2020 and we will take all necessary measures to promote the well-being of the players and staff and increase our chances of ending this season safely. We’ll be ready to go to Cleveland on Tuesday. In the meantime, we wish the Cardinals staff involved a speedy and full recovery.

With three more positive tests for the Cardinals yesterday, and with an investigation that apparently led the Cardinals to conclude that some or all of these cases had developed before the team traveled together from Milwaukee on Wednesday, postponement was the only choice. .

Not only can you not know for sure whether more undetected positives could appear today or tomorrow, but you cannot know that these three new cases did not transmit the virus to additional players or staff during the from a trip on Wednesday or from a training together Wednesday. or Thursday. So even if you were convinced that there wouldn’t be transmission on the pitch to a visiting team like the Cubs, you can’t be sure the Cardinals wouldn’t spread even more between them. So forget about the idea of ​​just trying to bring in extra players from the Cardinals’ alternate site to cover missing players – you can’t do that, like the Marlins did, until you know for sure. that the original spread has stopped.

… To this end, what is happening now with the Cardinals? Should they be arrested for an additional week to determine if there has been secondary spread? It’s very hard to imagine that there won’t be any, given that you’re talking about three new spreading vectors and a virus that’s so easily transmitted. For now, Cardinals president John Mozeliak says they are taking this day by day to see what the test results bring this weekend. Whatever your feelings on the Cardinals baseball team, we should all be hoping that there aren’t any new positives this weekend – both on a human level, and so their season can continue. as soon as possible.

If the Cardinals are closed again for more than this weekend, it’s next to impossible for them to be able to play all of their games this season – they have 55 to play in 49 days as of Monday. Stop them for a week, and it’s like 55 games in 45 days. This probably shouldn’t even be attempted, regardless of the doubles in 7 innings. It’s possible that this Cubs-Cardinals series would never be played, and no, it wouldn’t be the Cardinals who would lose the games to the Cubs. The games simply wouldn’t have existed, and the playoff standings would be determined by the winning percentage.


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