Thema launches revamped Turkish package and premium VOD in France with Free – Digital TV Europe


Thema, distributor of Canal +, has launched two new Turkish offers in France with the service provider Free.The Bouquet Türk and Le Bouquet Türk + with Bosphore VOD will appear on the Freebox service.

The existing Türk TV Pack will become Le Bouquet Türk, comprising 17 channels such as TV8 International, Kanal7 Avrupa, Kanal D Drama, Show Türk and Show Max, with the premium version including SVOD offering Bosphorus VOD.

Bosphorus VOD will feature Turkish comedies, dramas, action and horror movies. The catalog contains 400 hours of programming with a monthly update of 20 hours of new content. The service will be available through the Replay function of Freeboxes.

The Türk Bouquet with nine channels will be available for € 5.99 per month without contract commitment, while The Türk + Bouquet with 17 channels and the VOD catalog will be available for € 8.99 per month, also without a contract.

Thema said the deal made it the leading Turkish-language channel and content aggregator for French pay-TV providers.

The distributor will launch a marketing campaign for the new service which includes digital campaigns, street-marketing operations in targeted locations, poster campaigns and partnerships with key players in the Turkish community in France.

Bosphorus VOD is available to all Bouquet Türk subscribers until September 30, after which they will have to pay for the premium option.


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