“Their side of the story”? New book goes behind the scenes of Harry and Meghan’s royal split


TORONTO – A new book meant to take readers behind the scenes of Prince Harry and Meghan’s court and their subsequent escape from the pressure of being royals is now available. Written by two royal journalists, Harper’s Bazaar royal editor Omid Scobie and Elle magazine’s royal correspondent Carolyn Durand, the book “Finding Freedom” comes into the waves the couple made in the British royal family, of their dates to the present day, and reveals new details behind the couple’s friction with Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Scobie told CTV News Channel on Tuesday that the headline referred to restrictions on royal life and the “very competitive atmosphere” that Harry and Meghan found uncomfortable.

“In many ways Harry and Meghan found this freedom they were looking for [now], ” he said.

According to Scobie, the couple are now able to do things they could never do as royals, like being “free to talk about systemic racism and social issues,” including Black Lives Matter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the most prominent royals publicly supporting the movement. Talking about these topics would have been considered “too political” while they were working as members of the royal family, Scobie said.

A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan said they had not contributed in any way to the book themselves.

But according to Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, the book “contains all kinds of intimate details… [that] must have come, and this is admitted, from their entourage, from their close friends.

“It will be seen as their side of the story,” he told CTV News Channel on Tuesday.

Previous excerpts from the book have shown that the rift between Harry and his brother William was growing long before Harry decided to step away from his formal royal duties.

An excerpt published at the end of July in The Sunday Times claimed that William did not want his brother to be “blinded by lust” in his relationship with Meghan, and that Harry took offense at what he perceived as “snobbery” posted by William.

Harry and Meghan were married in 2018 in a televised wedding to millions of people. But the couple’s time in the royal family has been far from a fairy tale. In 2016, Harry condemned the British tabloids for harassing his then-girlfriend, saying she had been the victim of a “wave of abuse and harassment” as well as “sexism and racism”.

Meghan is also trying to sue the publisher of a UK newspaper for invasion of privacy after publishing excerpts from a letter she wrote to her father.

Scobie said one of the challenges of being in the royal family is a sense of competition between the respective sections of the family as a whole.

“All the staff, helpers, courtiers […] have the best interests of their bosses at heart, “he said, adding that some of the information leaked to the tabloids about Harry and Meghan that made them” look bad “actually came from inside the Windsor home.

Harry and Meghan made the dramatic decision to step down from their roles as royals in January, announcing that they would seek financial independence and move to North America.

Harry is sixth in line for the throne, behind his father, Prince Charles, brother William, and the three young children of William, George, Charlotte and Louis.

He and Meghan now live in California with their 14-month-old son Archie.

Scobie said the pandemic had made things more complicated for everyone, including Harry and Meghan, saying they expected to ‘hit the ground in California’. Now they have their lives on hold, just like everyone else.

But he says that to his knowledge, the couple do not so far regret their decision to step down from royal duties.

“From what I hear Harry and Meghan won’t look back,” he said.


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