The Weather Network – Remnants of Tropical Storm Isaias to sweep across Ontario and Quebec


Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 7:02 a.m. – Although supposed to transition to a tropical depression by the time it reaches Canada, Isaias will still bring heavy rains in parts of Quebec in particular.

Tropical Storm Isaias is gradually moving north after making landfall in the mid-Atlantic U.S. states, bringing heavy precipitation as it goes and even a slight risk of a tornado over much of the north coast. is from the United States.

The storm will likely be a subtropical low as it crosses the border with Canada overnight until Wednesday morning, but will already begin to affect Canada on Tuesday.

Prior to its arrival, the storm will feed a few showers Tuesday in Quebec and parts of eastern Ontario, but early Wednesday morning, the heaviest rains are expected in Quebec.

“The Eastern Townships north of the Quebec region are the most likely to be affected by up to 60mm,” says the Canadian Hurricane Center. “Rain will fall over a short period of time (2-3 hours), so minor flooding can occur in prone areas. ”

Winds gusting up to 60 km / h are also possible for eastern Quebec, including Gaspé and New Brunswick.

Initial traces raised the possibility of a more easterly track of the storm that would have had more impact on New Brunswick, and there is still a tropical cyclone declaration for the province, but it now appears mainly to escape the worst of effects. .

However, one thing to watch out for is the risk of nighttime storms in the eastern part of the province.

Risk of a thunderstorm in Eastern Canada

Across the border, Maine is at the outer limit of the severe weather potential associated with Isaias, which includes a very slight risk of a tornado.

In New Brunswick, there does appear to be quite a bit of shear potential, a key factor in the formation of supercell storms and tornadoes. However, forecasters say the energy needed to trigger such storms is relatively low in this part of the province. Any storms that do occur will be business overnight.

Check again for updates as the system progresses.



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