The shop is putting up a sign telling customers not to cover their faces “for safety reasons”


A Derbyshire store has told customers they cannot cover their faces in stores despite new rules requiring people to wear face masks in stores to prevent the spread of Covid-19.A Nisa store in Danesmoor, near Chesterfield, has placed a sign in its window telling customers not to cover their faces in stores for “safety reasons”.

Since July 24, face masks have been mandatory in stores and supermarkets after the government introduced new regulations to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the sign at Chesterfield Nisa, written in all caps, reads (sic): “For safety reasons, pls do not cover your face or head in this shop. ”

According to the store manager, who declined to be named, he allows people to wear masks indoors, Derbyshire Live reports.

Explaining the reason behind the sign, he said: “I allow people to wear masks – maybe I worded the sign incorrectly – but we have a lot of shoplifting and if they have one. mask, I cannot continue. their.

“What if someone comes in with a knife and threatens my staff, but they’re wearing a mask?” What am I supposed to do? If anyone is wearing a balaclava, I ask them to take it off. ”

“No one seems to have thought about the safety of the people working in the stores in all of this. We have shoplifting here and last time the guy was wearing a mask.

“Am I supposed to keep losing money? I am now made to feel like a criminal. ”

The trader said when the pandemic started to spread in the UK he started wearing a mask very early on after reading that the virus was suspended in the air.

But he says he’s been ‘ridiculed for it’ and thinks’ we should have worn them from the start, but it wasn’t until now, after the horse had bolted on, that the new rules came into effect. “.

He added: “If people want to wear a mask or face covering for health reasons or for religious reasons then that’s okay, I’ll change the wording of the sign to reflect that.

“When I tell people who wear a mask that they don’t need it, they usually say ‘fine’ and take it off. I think a lot of people are more worried about being fined than catching the virus. ”

Inside the store this afternoon, August 2, a queue of about ten people were waiting to be served and none were wearing masks, including the store clerk.

As they left the store, two teenagers, aged 17 and 18, said they “didn’t care” about not wearing a mask and “didn’t care” about the sign.

A 57-year-old shopper who asked to be named only as “Keith” purchased a four-pack of San Miguel and was wearing a mask when he walked out of the store.

He said, “I think people should do as they’re told.

“I’m used to living in Thailand and following their government – you don’t break the rules there.

“I didn’t see the sign before entering the store; I thought it was the law that you had to wear a mask.

According to government regulations, people who fail to follow mask rules face a fine of £ 100, reduced to £ 50 if paid within 14 days.


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