The seven skills you need to be successful at working remotely


This article was created by StackCommerce. Although Postmedia may earn a commission on sales through the links on this page, we are not paid by the brands mentioned.The coronavirus has caused global changes that will last longer than the pandemic – due to quarantine adaptations, our society may be a bit further apart for the rest of our lives. Anticipating a permanent change in the culture of office work, Shopify allows its employees to work from home indefinitely.

Working from home indefinitely will change our homes and lives permanently, mixing up our work and family life in confusing and unpredictable ways. It’s easy to minimize distractions in the office, but at home it’s all too easy to sleep or take long lunch breaks. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the combined stress of work and home – it’s impossible to meet a deadline when your children’s pressing concerns are literally at your doorstep. We’ve optimized office space to encourage productivity, while our homes are built for comfort, not conference calls.

As we learn to bring work with us, there are key skills that will help you get the most out of your working hours. The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle is something every home-working professional needs before settling in at home. The US $ 29.99 course pack will teach you the seven essential skills you need to master working from home like a true professional.

Critical mind

When working from home, you will inevitably come across some work-related issues that you will need to resolve on your own. Critical thinking skills are essential for thinking on the job, whether it’s solving work-related problems yourself or determining the best direction for a work project. Remote workers are by nature more independent, so you need to think for yourself to take your job to the next level. With this set of courses, you will develop innovation skills using analytical thinking systems and critical thinking techniques. Who knows, maybe the “next big thing” in your business will come from your daring new way of thinking.


Communication skills are essential for working with others, and when working remotely, they are even more important (and difficult) to maintain. Without face-to-face interaction, remote workers rely on virtual communication, making it difficult to ask questions when answers can take hours. Through this set of courses, you will fully understand the impact of your communication on others, whether you send too many emails or not enough. There is a lot more to watch out for when communicating over distance, and these lessons will teach you how to get the word out effectively in the office.

Management of time

Perhaps the biggest change in working from home is getting rid of your work schedule: without a commute, lunch break, and the watchful eye of a supervisor, it’s easy to slip into an overly lax schedule. But working alone means managing your time on your own, and these courses will improve your time management skills, thus improving your productivity and efficiency. You can do even more if you maximize your time, but it’s definitely a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.


Productivity is like time management: one of the most important skills for a remote worker, and one of the most difficult to master without an office. If you can learn how to maximize your productivity during working hours, you can indulge in a few coffee breaks without missing out. The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Pack will help you take control of your life by crafting a personalized productivity plan that’s right for you. Through productivity skills, you will learn how to make working from home a solution that will work for you and your business.

Team work

Although remote working is independent, companies still have shared goals and visions that require team effort. With virtual communication, it becomes more difficult to coordinate and work effectively as a team. The course pack includes a lesson on the 10 soft skills you need to work well with others, enabling you to enhance your collaborative efforts from your home office.


With more virtual communication, there is more writing, a lot more writing. Writing everything down is something remote workers need to get used to, and writing clearly and convincingly is needed to get things done. These courses include a lesson in learning advanced writing skills that will help polish and perfect quick messages and full office emails.


When work takes place online, learning how to function in this new landscape is essential for the business to continue to thrive as before. This set of courses offers lessons on how to start an online business, a skill that should be honed immediately when the work is virtual.

Change is never easy, but adapting to changes always makes them easier. With the 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker bundle, you can learn how to optimize working from home for you.


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