The Queen “berated Prince Harry for being rude about his closest assistant during Meghan Markle’s row of tiaras”


THE QUEEN has reportedly berated Prince Harry for being rude about his closest aide during an argument over Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara.

Harry was furious with Queen Angela Kelly’s dresser after being unable to respond to Meghan’s request to travel to Buckingham Palace to try on a tiara she wanted to wear to her wedding in May 2018.


The Queen reportedly scolded Prince HarryCredit: Getty – Pool
Harry was reportedly called to a private meeting with the QueenCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
Harry was furious with Queen Angela Kelly's dresser


Harry was furious with Queen Angela Kelly’s dresserCredit: AFP

The Prince used offensive language about Ms Kelly after learning that protocol required an appointment to be made to access the Queen’s jewelry, the Mail on Sunday reported.

He reportedly pressured courtiers to persuade Ms Kelly to come to London and take the tiara out of a locked cupboard.

Ms Kelly heard what Harry had said about her and told the Queen.

Harry was then called for a private meeting with his grandmother, a royal source said.

“He was firmly put in his place. He had been downright rude, ”the source told the Mail.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Family declined to comment when contacted by The Sun Online.


According to a revealing new biography from Finding Freedom, Harry felt Ms Kelly was dragging her feet to help Meghan choose a tiara for their wedding day.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, who wrote the book, said Meghan believes the Queen’s favorite dresser is to blame for the row.

Ms Kelly, 52, has worked with the Queen since 2002 and is now her personal assistant and main dresser after rising through the ranks.

She is known to have remained loyal to the Queen – and the latest claims suggest she even supported Her Majesty’s decision to go for Meghan’s wedding tiara.

It comes after a previous book by reporter Robert Jobson revealed that Harry told staff before the couple’s wedding: ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. ”

The Queen is said to have even warned her grandson of Meghan’s attitude as the big day approaches at Windsor Castle in May.

Meghan initially wanted a tiara that contained emeralds, according to royal sources.

But the future Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unhappy when told his first choice was impossible, as no one knew exactly where he came from.

An insider said at the time: “There was a very heated exchange which prompted the Queen to speak to Harry.

“She said, ‘Meghan can’t have what she wants. She gets the tiara she gave me “. ”

In the end, the future royal wore the Queen Mary’s diamond headband made in 1932 for the big day.

Queen Mary's diamond headband, photo


Queen Mary’s diamond headband, photo
Meghan Markle pictured on her wedding day wearing Queen Mary's 1932 tiara


Meghan Markle pictured on her wedding day wearing Queen Mary’s 1932 tiaraCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

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